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Stem cell therapy has been used by scientists to perform research to understand the workings of several diseases. In the course of this development there have been a number of treatments that have been developed possessing a great potential to cure these diseases. Although stem cells therapies are not yet approved by the FDA, many physicians and clinician are using this form of therapy to treat their patients and getting positive results.

One such organization offering stem cell-based therapies is Cell Surgical Network (CSN), which falls under the division of physician’s practice of medicine, by which the doctors and patients are free to choose their mode of treatment. The doctors initially screen the patient requesting a stem- cell therapy to make sure the procedure will be safe for them. They provide treatment for a number of degenerative diseases (Cell Surgical Network, 2014).

Dr. Mayo Friedlis, MD, is another doctor who endorses stem cell therapy. He has been working at national spine and pain centers since 1983, and is one of the first doctors in the washing DC area to use stem cell therapy for musculoskeletal injuries, especially knee and hip arthritis and has been getting positive results for more than 3 years. He is also accredited for introducing advanced regenerative techniques being applied at National spine and pain centers and stem cell ARTS. He says, “I decided to bring the Regenexx Protocols into the practice, as I believe that they currently represent the highest state of the art for Stem Cell use. The research is strong and ongoing, which is important for the ongoing development of this science.” (Stemcellarts.com, 2014).

Dr. Friedlis is passionate about helping his patient, as he says, “we must always challenge ourselves to stay on the cutting edge of our field. We must evaluate each new treatment option that comes available and gauge if it can help our patients. If it can, then we have a responsibility to do what it takes to bring it into practice, so that our patients can benefit.” (Stemcellarts.com, 2014).

Dr. Robert Wagner is another doctor who has been at the national spine and pain centers since 1999 after completing his medical training throughout Virginia. He is regarded as a top pain specialist and has expertise in treating pain and injuries of the joint, ligaments, tendons, nerves and spine. In addition, he has many years of experience in treating acute and chronic pain by stem cell therapy. He has advocated the use of stem cell therapy for treating back pain and neck pain, among other disorders in his lectures and seminars (Stemcellarts.com, 2014).

At Florida Spine and Sports Medicine, Dr. Dennis Lox offers knee pain associated with osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, ACL tears, tendonitis, and other knee joint conditions. Dr. Lox uses adult stem cells which are extracted from the bone marrow or adipose tissue of the patient and prepared to be injected into the patient. These cells then become specialized and help in regeneration of knee cartilage. The time required for results vary, with some patients reporting relief in a week or so. Others patients may take longer, while stem cells continue working in the next months to come (Dr Lox, 2013).

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Dr. Andrew J. Rochman

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