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Why Stem Cell?

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FACT, FICTION AND RISKS: Stem Cell Treatments – What is Possible Now?

By: Dr. Andrew J. Rochman

Stem cells today, are being used to regenerate tissues and organs for transplants and enhanced healing procedures. Conditions like broken bones, heart diseases, and brain damage, etc, are now successfully being treated with good results. Stem cells are biological cells in our body that can regenerate and adopt the shape and properties of other cells. Thus, no matter which part of the body is damaged, extracting stem cells from the patient’s body and culturing them in the right environment, allows scientists to recreate the organ or tissues necessary to initiate or enhance the healing process.

Cellular Therapies of New York (CTNY) is founded on the main principle belief that the quality of life for our patients can be improved through the implementation of cellular regeneration of stem cell sciences. We are dedicated to providing safe and effective stem cell treatments for our patients at our point-of-care facilities.


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